Abbey Gardens and Abbey Meadows

The Abbey Gardens are a charming stroll with flat, easy paths and wide gates. Amongst the planted flower displays can be found Victoria's statue and the ruins which have fooled many a visitor into thinking they have seen the remains of Abingdon Abbey. In fact it is Trendell’s Folly created in the 19th century when this was a private garden. None the less the stones are probably ancient in their own right as they are thought to have come from St Helen’s church whose spire looks over the river. To understand how spectacular the medieval abbey really was trace out the stones in the grass which mark the lines of the foundations uncovered when the archaeologists investigated this site. Continue your stroll through Abbey Meadow, feeding the ducks on the Millstream as you go, all the way to the rushing waters of the Abingdon Lock and Weir.

 Click here for a more energetic 2.5 mile circular walk


Abbey Gardens, Abbey Close, Abingdon OX14 3JE