Abingdon Through the Ages - Magical Mystery Tour

 1.   Start. Under the arch of St Nicholas Church. 

Can you spot the funny Gargoyles and where the original roof of the river was?

2.   Find the Cannonball in the stone bolder

3.   Can you see where the centre of the original Abbey church walls were on the grass?

There is now a plaque where the alter would have been.

4.   Information point about the Abbey. An interesting read if you’re not in a hurry.

Did you know that the Abbey stone was removed and used to build palaces in London!

5.   Please walk through the secret passage way and note the 60 year old unicorn theatre.

6.   Who did William 3rd stay in this building with? (look for the plaque on the wall)

7.   Can you see the water mark on the wall of St Helens church? And you thought the water level was high recently!!

8.   Have a walk up ‘Long alley’ and admire the old buildings. Note the water level at the entrance to the walkway!

9.   You’ll see a bridge here, look closely at it. When was it built?

10.  Follow the road up to the old Brewery. Who can remember that smell of Malt wafting through the town!? Ahhh, the good old days.

Head back carefully down Ock street and enjoy one of the many fantastic places to eat and drink in the town

after all that cycling/walking/brewery reminiscing. 


St Nicholas Church, 18-19 Market Pl, Abingdon, OX14 3HF